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Based in Bellflower, California the Community Association of the Blind (CAB) is reaching out to every responsible member of our community to assist with this challenging endeavor. Many individuals are committing to the organizational structure of CAB, while many others are making tax deductible pledges and donations to support the financial requirements of the many programs that CAB provides for free and at no charge to its blind and visually impaired community all year long. The Community Association of the Blind’s (CAB) programs encompass all age groups and provide opportunities for vocational orientation, recreational activities, and leadership building skills for all blind and visually impaired at large. CAB strongly believes that it is very important for our blind and visually impaired members to take a more active role in their community by feeling confident enough to ride a bus, a train, a taxi, and other forms of transportation to get to places in their local communities. CAB also promotes independence in travel and mobility by encouraging our blind and visually impaired members to become more active socially. Recreational activities may seem like fun but for some it can be challenging and that’s what CAB wants them to overcome with these types of programs.

CAB wants to help the blind and visually impaired client/members become a productive part of society. This type of programming and training requires investments, equipment, material, and resources that would allow us to provide these needed programs.

Will you take part in this great community endeavor?

It can be anything from volunteering your time for some of CAB's recreational activities or assisting the CAB on programs and projects.

Maybe your business or company would like to help sponsor a CAB activity, event, or seminar / workshop?

Maybe you enjoy volunteering your time to help transport our blind and visually impaired clients/members to and from CAB activities or programs?

Maybe you have an item or gift that you would like to donate to CAB?

Whatever it may be is very grateful and appreciative of all and any support given.

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Here is a great example of how your contribution can make a difference. Caitlin Fanning volunteered her time CAB:

I recently became a Senior Girl Scout, and what usually comes along with becoming a Senior or Cadette is the Gold Award Project! I've heard about it for years now, until I finally had the opportunity to attempt a project of my own.

For my Gold Award, I wanted to reach out to members of the visually impaired community and see what their needs were. I was fortunate enough to pair up with the Community Association of the Blind, or CAB, and their programs director to discover what they needed. It came to my attention that many blind and visually impaired are unable to find careers in the community because of their varying sight disabilities. Many were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start or what resources were available to them.

About 70% of individuals who are blind or visually impaired are unemployed. I was determined to help them focus on this area through my project. It was my ultimate goal to raise awareness among the larger community and to create a network of resources that could continue to focus on this need. All of the people I met were extremely understanding and able to function just as well as Iwas. Sometimes, even better! I thought that they deserved the chance at securing a job of their own.

CAB's director was very helpful in assisting me with every query I had, as well as the various encouragements he provided. My Gold Award was a success thanks to all the members of the organization and other community organizations who participated. I hosted two career training workshops with the help of Human Solutions on interviewing and resume writing skills. For the final part of my project I had a career resource day for any members and employers who wanted to come. I was able to allow sighted employers an insight on how the application process appeared to visually impaired people, and vice versa. It was also an opportunity for organizations and members to network amongst themselves for future opportunities as well. It was an enjoyable experience, and I hope everyone benefitted from it as well!

By Caitlin Fanning

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